Gregory Page is an Irish/Armenian musician that creates oddly compelling songs that observe life and capture it in a realistic, humorous way

Gregory Page was born April 28th, 1963 and grew up in North London with his Irish Mother Moyra Page who was the lead singer in the all girl pop group "The Beat-Chics" that opened two concerts in August '65 for "The Beatles" in Spain. Gregory started his career together with his friend Steve Poltz in a Folk/Punk-Rock band formed in 1988 called "The Rugburns".  Page had admired the songwriting of John Doe & his Los Angeles Punk Band, X.  In 1996 he was able to hand John a demo tape of his orginal songs. John Doe offered to produce some recordings for Page and they went into the studio and recorded an album that to this day is yet to be released.

Gregory Page is an eclectic, prolific, genre-bending singer-songwriter that has toured the world many times over from Australia to Europe to Japan.

Gregory Page seamlessly draws from and transcends the traditions of folk, Celtic, American Roots Jazz, ragtime, blues, swing and French Romanticism into his own signature idiom. From the BBC to NPR to film and television soundtracks, The Gregory Page Songbook captures the imagination, enabling audiences the world over to “rewind” with original music that is cinematic, nostalgic and full of the innocence, grace, joy & romance of the early 20th Century.

Jason Mraz  ~ "He's the real deal, a rare gift"

Judy Collins ~ “Gregory is a great American songwriter whose work I love”

NPR Radio ~ “Page's music is nostalgic; his warbling & instrumentation sound straight out of the phonograph. Listening to him transplants us to some Great Gatsby-like setting where everyone dresses for cocktail hour.