Gregory Page is an Irish/Armenian musician that creates oddly compelling songs that observe life and capture it in a realistic, sensitive humorous way.

So It Goes is the signature new album defining Gregory Page’s arrival as an important American songwriter. In the spirit of Johnny Cash, James Taylor & Willie Nelson, So It Goes has evolved from the experiences of a third-generation Irish-Armenian musician, a knowing observer documenting life with a poet’s pen. So It Goes tells the story of an immigrant coming to America & looking at life through the lens of music. Gregory Page has captured each image in this carefully chosen new collection of original songs with stunning realism, sensitivity & humor. Banjo & cello, guitar strings & heartstrings are the range of ensemble voicings that embellish the sonic palette & evoke deep feelings throughout. From a thirty piece orchestra & choir, to cinematic productions, to those reflective moments of just Page & his guitar, this album pulls together the best pieces of his musical journal into a cohesive American experience with universal appeal. Recorded in both his hometown of San Diego & his adopted home of Amsterdam, the list of musicians central to the album include: Greg Leisz (Ray LaMontagne / Ryan Adams) on pedal steel guitar, Jim Soldi (Johnny Cash) on electric guitar & Dennis Caplinger (Eric Clapton) on fiddle & banjo. The impressive engineering team includes Page’s longtime friends, Jeff Berkley & Jason Mraz. From the iconic ribbon microphones used in the studio to the ribbon of L.A. freeways in the song “Hollywood’s Heroes,” Gregory Page connects the dots on the map of life for us in his new album. So It Goes takes the listener on a scenic road trip through the terrain of heartbreak, victory, tornadoes & shooting stars, then safely home again “…pedal to the floor”.

I was born & grew up in North London around musicians & was raised inside London's jazz nightclub circuit during the swingin' 1960's. As a teenager I showed little interest in academic or business studies and was always fascinated listening to 78 RPM records. I would sing along to my grandfather’s hand-cranked gramophone with my cardboard megaphone, never imagining that one day, far off in the future, I would be performing my own songs on stage in theatres from California to Australia to the Netherlands. I was a tall, skinny loner with thick glasses and a stutter and found my imaginary friends within the grooves of these records. During the 1970's when punk rock music was rioting outside my bedroom window in Enfield I was singing along to Billie Holiday & Al Bowlly records. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Gregory Page, I am an unapologetic daydreamer, listener and ardent observer of life. The “true stories I make up” find their way from my journals into my music. My songs & poems are much like children. Some awaken me in the middle of the night. Others seem to hang around forever. Some rebel and run away from home. While others mature and just make me proud. ~ Gregory Page (himself)

Third generation musician Gregory Page was born & grew up in North London surrounded by family members who performed & recorded Traditional Irish Music. Gregory’s musician parents met while on tour with their respective bands en route to the Middle East. Gregory's Irish Mother Moyra Page was the multi-instrumentalist and bass player/ lead singer in the all girl group "The Beat-Chics" who opened two concerts in August '65 for "The Beatles" in Spain. (Click here to listen to one their "Hit's" written by Moyra Page). Before their Barcelona concert—which was held at night inside a bullring—both bands sat together under the hot sun watching the Bullfights. Young Gregory was sitting upon Paul's knee, when the matador, on horseback, lanced the bull for the final kill. Paul covered the eyes of the youngster protecting him from the bloody scene. Gregory’s father, Gregory Hovelian, was the lead singer in the French 1960’s pop band The Martians spending part of that same decade among the Hamburg Beat-group scene.

In 1976, under the cover of darkness, Gregory Page “escaped from London” to America. Upon his arrival to California he began a series of odd jobs, namely as a cab driver and cook; he also began tirelessly writing and recording his own brand of music. Although he had studied classical guitar and composition formally at Trinity College, his true classroom came much later in the form of the half century old record shop in San Diego, California, “Folk Arts Rare Records” owned by Smithsonian consultant, archivist and local legend, Mr. Lou Curtiss. Here, Gregory poured into relics from The Boswell Sisters to Al Bowlly—from Sophie Tucker to Sara Vaughan. Under this roof “where all the secrets of the universe seemed to exist for him,” Gregory's voice & songwriting was shaped into Black & White. Gregory Page has opened shows for many artists including Bob Dylan, Jason Mraz, Judy Collins and Leon Russell. An abridged list of his artistic collaborations would include: Jason Mraz, John Doe, Jewel, John C. Reilly & Tom Brosseau.