Written by Gregory on Sunday, March 5 2017


"Hollywood's Heroes" Written by Gregory PageFrom the unreleased album "So It Goes"

The new self-produced video, “Hollywood's Heroes” by Gregory Page gives us a glimpse into the defining moments of an artist’s life. Perhaps the first song he ever wrote, "Hollywood's Heroes" rewinds to September 1st, 1976 when he & his family moved from North London to Southern California.   Gregory Page opens his family album as we meet the wide eyed young poet already capturing his impressions of “leaving a slow, cold, grey world and being dropped into a bright, shiny fast one.” Images from family Super 8mm films tell the story of Gregory’s life from silver wings to guitar strings.  While pouring through his early diaries, Gregory Page rediscovered these words and knew as he put them into song that they had arrived home on the new album So It Goes. “Hollywood’s Heroes” is a childhood memory translated into a ballad for our times.  The vision of a young stranger in a new land innocent of the peaks, valleys and curves ahead now represents the happy ending we all seek in the film called life.

Recorded by Jeff Berkley, Joris Wolfe & Paul Pouwer

Mixed by Steve Dandrea

Mastered by Mark Robinson

The Musicians:

Gregory Page ~ Vocals
Jim Soldi ~ Electric Guitar
Rich Weiss ~ Pedal Steel Guitar
Sky Ladd ~ Upright Piano
Daniel Rhine ~ Electric Bass
Duncan Moore ~ Drums
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