Bon Voyage Mon Cheri

Bon Voyage Mon Cheri

Written by Gregory on Sunday, July 2 2017


"Bon Voyage Mon Cheri" was written on the balcony of my father's apartment in the heart of Paris. A recording of the song found its way to Dutch radio host Angelique Stein who repeatedly played it on her National One Radio program. The listeners' response was so positive that it lit the spark igniting my career and subsequent musical love affair with Holland.

This recording & film features my friend, the accordion virtuoso, Lou Fanucchi, whose untimely passing has left an immeasurable loss. Dedicated to Lou, this new incarnation of "Bon Voyage" is not so much a goodbye as it is a postcard to the humble genius who inspired its making.

Music has taken me and my guitar on tour to Holland and Australia countless times and for the first time this year to Japan. During my journey as a wandering performing songwriter, I am often asked the question, "Where are you from?" The quick answer is, "I was born in London though I have lived in many places." On the other hand, the question “Where are you heading?” is sometimes harder to answer. As I travel onward with my guitar in one hand and a suitcase packed with dreams in the other, I am connecting the map dots back to the City of Light, home of my late father. I long to perform my nostalgic songbook of "optimistic melancholy" on the stages of Paris where "Bon Voyage Mon Cheri" began its journey "across the Atlantic Sea".


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