This secret link allows you to exclusively preview songs & learn interesting facts about the un-released Irish inspired new album written by English-born lyricist & composer Gregory Page. Recorded in March 2014 by Jason Mraz at his home near San Diego California this is their 4th collaboration together. You can instantly hear how special this album is upon listening to the first chorus on "Counting Blessings". The songs on "One Way Journey Home" were written while Page was on an extended three month Australian tour in 2013/2014 performing the Summer Festival Season including the legendary Woodford Folk Festival. Upon his return home Page began a fund raiseing campaign reaching out to his fans around the World to support what would turn out to be "One Way Journey Home". Gregory is currently living out of suitcase on tour somewhere, he has filled 1,000 seat venues in The Netherlands & has charmed audiences across Australia.

(To obtain a copy of the full length album please send an e-mail to Mr. Page's manager Christien Klopman)


This new album "One Way Journey Home" began long before I was even born. During the 1930's in Dublin Ireland my Grandfather Dave Page was a master Uillieann piper who played in Leo Rowsome's famous piping quartet. Dave Page's Irish dance band "The Siamsa Gael Celidhe Band" made two 78 RPM recordings in the 1930's, some of the earliest recordings of Irish music. These stories and songs were passed down to me like treasures untold.

In the spring of 2014 I sat in front of a vintage microphone with my 1942 Gibson Girl in my lap sharing these tall tales and new found stories with Jason Mraz who was documenting them in hopes that one day they would be discovered and passed on to you. It is a collection of songs which bring you closer to realize we are all on journey: a longing to feel home and to find the blessings of life. This is what I have tried to capture with the songs on this record ranging from ancient traditional Irish songs combined with my own written songs.

Me Mum Moyra once told me "It takes a village..." This collection of songs is a collaboration of many gifted musicians and friends. Eric Rigler who has been called the most recorded Irish piper in the world along with masterful maritime musicians Jeff Pekarek & Dennis Caplinger spent many hours creating the soundscape to these stories. The cover explains the beautiful metaphor for what the deep blue sea stands for to me. Great open water has a certain attraction to people, to stare at it so that their minds start wandering off. I guess amongst others the concepts of space, motion and the sound of waves are responsible for this and also the history it bears in it depths is fascinating. Especially the sea travels of the early days, it has an inspirational effect.

During my journey as a wandering performing songwriter I am often asked "Where are you from?" The quick answer is I was born in London though I have lived in many places I currently reside in San Diego. The heart of that question is an easy one to discover. On the other hand the question “Where are you heading?” is sometimes harder to answer. As I travel onwards with my guitar in one hand and a suitcase packed with dreams in the other I am drawing a line and connecting dots along the way that is slowly leading me back home.

~Gregory Page~

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Gregory Page was born & grew up in North London surrounded by family members who performed & recorded Traditional Irish Music. Gregory's Irish & Armenian parents met while on tour with their bands en route to the Middle East. His mother Moy Page was the lead singer in England's all girl pop band "The Beat-Chics" they opened two concerts in Spain for "The Beatles" in 1965. Gregory Page is a musical time traveler, who shoots back a century with the greatest of ease. His old carbon microphone is his time capsule.... transporting his listeners with his nostalgia-drenched romantic melodies. Page's music is a mixture of folk, blues and jazz music from the 1920's all translated into today



Grandfather Dave Page formed a great inspiration for Gregory. Especially the recording of the song "Mary And The Soldier" with Eric  Rigler on Uillieann Pipes was special in this respect, a strong connection with  his roots. During the 1920's Dave was a young talented musician performing with the  great piper Sean Dempsey and winning competitions and also performing  with his teacher Leo Rowsome in his famous piping quartet. At the time the members of the quartet were Leo, Dave, Tom Rowsome, and Eddie Potts. When Leo Rowsome left the Siamsa Gael Celidhe Band, Dave took his place. The Siamsa Gael band was one of the two most popular ceilidhe bands in  Dublin during the 1920's and they played at dances and concerts  throughout Ireland. In the early 1930's The Siamsa Gael Band made two 78 RPM recordings,  some of the earliest recordings of Irish Music. One was made in London  on the Parlophone label, the other in Dublin on the Columbia label. At  the first recording session the producer, upon finding that Dave played  bagpipes, asked him to sit at the other end of the room away from the  band and the microphone. As the producer discovered that the Irish pipes were not quite as  loud as the Scottish pipes Dave was slowly moved forward until he was  sitting in front of the microphone with the rest of the band behind him.





"Gregory Page? Never Heard Of Him" ~ Rolling Stone Magazine (actual quote).

"Gregory's original songs can easily rank with the works of Porter, Berlin & Gershwin. Page has the abilty to write songs that bring back memories we never had" ~ Music Truth Magazine.

"Gregory is a great American Songwriter whose work I love" ~ Judy Collins (Legendary Folksinger)

“The tightrope my music teeters upon is the struggle between tradition  and progress, history and fantasy. I am the songbird & the worm.” ~ G. Page (himself)