”Right Now Not Tomorrow “ is a positively charged song imparting a message of optimism and urgency. 


The song evokes the iconic American barn dance. The encouraging lyric urges us off our figurative “easy chair”, out of our comfort zone and onto life’s stage. As the song focuses rays of sunshine on the future, it does not leave the past in the shadows.

Gregory Page interweaves tradition with change taking the best of yesterday into a new era. 


The Banjo, Fiddle, Mandolin & Irish Uilleann pipes harken back to yesteryear as the lyrics get us on our feet, and dancing toward a brighter tomorrow. “Right Now Not Tomorrow “ doesn’t save anything for later. Gregory Page says everything he wants to say and offers everything we need to know in one heartening song. 

”Right Now Not Tomorrow “

by Gregory Page


One lazy dog day afternoon while sitting on a back porch with my friend Bill, we talked about everything under the sun drinking lemonade. He and I have much in common including sharing the same birthday, though Bill was born before WWII. 

Bill's a soft-spoken "Cowboy Poet" who naturally imparts humorous words of wisdom. That afternoon, he was recalling a near death experience with me. He paused and interjected, "Cause when you're dead you're dead a long time". Earlier that day, I had begun writing a song with the premise that we have no time to waste. Bill's words, still resonating in my mind, fit perfectly into the song like his dusty old cowboy boots. Fast forward to the recording session of  "Right Now Not Tomorrow". Bill & his wife, Judy, sat in the control room inside Studio West while the band learned and then recorded the song. There was an excitement in the air that collectively we had caught lightning in a bottle, capturing this wild horse of a song that now is set to be freed upon the airwaves . 

GREGORY PAGE ~ Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
ERIC RIGLER ~ Uilleann Pipes & Flute
STEVE PEAVY ~ Mandolin & Mandocello
DOUG WALKER ~ Upright Bass
ENRIQUE PLATAS ~ Drums & Percussion 
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