She turned 88 today
And I sang for her some songs
“It’s Been A Long, Long Time”
She remembered it well
And quietly sang along

It’s her final birthday
Upon this world’s scene
Her eyes are setting with the sun
From a wheelchair into a chariot
Soon an angel she’ll become

The true stories she tells
Of a young orphan girl
Would bring a tear to a cynical eye
74 years ago in a Dutch family home
She was their secret to hide
Marching boots with machine guns

Knock hard on the door
Your heartbeat is pounding
From under the floor

With a blanket over your head

You count backwards and pray

To hear the sound of those boots

Go marching away

For some those dark memories
Would all be too much
As we sing,
“I Can’t Give You Anything But Love”

She says it’s her motto

And slowly closes the door

Sleep well, dear old friend,

For the likes of you
We shall see no more

For Leentje