"Something very important, such as a powerful innate instinct is transfered through invisible threads."

 ~ Nora Hagopian (cousin) 


Gregory's Irish mother Moyra Page was a singer

who recorded for Decca. In 1964 she had a Top 10

Hit in Spain with group The Beat-Chics, who were one of Britain's first all girl pop bands. In August 1965 they toured with The Beatles.

Moyra Page


Gregory's grandfather was master Uilleann piper

Dave Page. In the 1930s he recorded two 78 records,

one made in London on the Parlophone label,

the other in Dublin on the Columbia label.

These remain some of the earliest known

recordings of traditional Irish music.

Dave Page Sr.


Gregory's Armenian father, Gregory Hovelian taught himself to play guitar & sang in five languages.

On August 17th, 1962 his band iMarziani played with The Beat-Chics at The Kit Kat Club in Lebanon. 

months later guess who was born?

Krikor Hovelian


Another important member of the Hovelian family

was Gregory's famous Armenian great grandmother, 

Iskuhi Sultanian who was very religious, had

prophetic dreams, and was a clairvoyant.

She learned to play the qanun (canon);

she did this wonderfully and also sang.

great nana.jpg