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"Modern Man is a magnificent record. Page's songwriting has changed focus but still so refined & deep.

I love the dark humor that fits our confounding times"  

~ John Doe (co-founder of LA Punk Rock Band X)


"All the tracks were written on a 1980's Suzuki Omnichord,

with Page also using a stylophone, and we have Jason Mraz on retro synths too.

The instrumentation all gives the album that unmistakably 80s futuristic sound which sounds like a bit of a contradiction. While undoubtedly going down this path could have resulted in a headache-inducing experience, fortunately the final record is anything but. It's full of melodic mesmerising joy that really sucks you into its trip down the superhighway. Modern Man is an album full of delights at every turn and keeps you both guessing and interested from first track to last." Adam Jenkins (Fatea Magazine, UK)

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