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The New Single


Released June 12th


“Green Lights & Blue Skies” is the new single written by Gregory Page.

This uplifting song features his longtime friend Jason Mraz. Together, these two breathe a tender and joyful exuberance into the song, which arrives just in time on the global stage. The lyrics in “Green Lights & Blue Skies” deliver an optimistic forecast on tomorrow’s horizon, and the songs serves as a hopeful anthem reflecting what so many of us reach for in the face of uncertain times. ​Jason & Gregory opened each concert with "Green Lights & Blue Skies" during the  "Live In Stereo" tour across North America.


"As the house lights dimmed, Jason Mraz and Gregory Page bounded on stage, greeted by a rousing ovation. Taking just a minute to get settled in, the two began the opening number of the evening, “Green Lights & Blue Skies” ~ Side Stage Magazine


Gregory Page announces his weekly Virtual Variety Show series “Almost Live"

The audience can expect the unexpected as Gregory connects Comedy, Chaos & Cameos

So tune in to this uplifting & entertaining show every Sunday at 7pm 

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Gregory Page is a songwriter & poet the son of a traveling Armenian pop singer whom he would not meet for over 40 years. His Irish mother was the lead singer/saxophone player in one of  Britain's first all-girl group's, The Beat-Chics, that toured with The Beatles. 

He was a shy boy, fond of books and pictures, a solitary rambler in the woods & fields around his country home in England where is was born and grew up. At fourteen he went to America, and for the next 5 years he wrote poetry and learned to play the guitar. During this time he got to know music intimately. James Taylor and Paul Simon were his great loves, but he admired Leonard Cohen, Nick Drake and other sentimental musicians who wrote about the sufferings of the poor and abandoned.

In Southern California, he began to doubt himself and his work. A rebuff from a girl he loved was the
starting point of his despair. Writing about this wretched world and finding some consolation in his clumsy efforts to represent what he saw and felt, he resolved at twenty-seven, after a period of wandering and depressing uncertainty, to become a songwriter. He thought this was his only means of salvation, a solitary and pure activity in which he would be free, responsible for himself alone, and yet might create a work that would give joy and understanding to others.​