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Singer/Songwriter Gregory Page spent the majority of his adult life as a working musician; writing, performing and traveling the world with his catalog of original songs that highlight his unique perspective on life.

Page's music has been featured on BBC, NPR, and film and television sound-tracks. Page has also worked with a long list of amazing artists, regularly sharing the stage with his friend Jason Mraz. He's been the support act for John Prine, Bob Dylan, Jewel, Judy Collins, Chris Issack, David Lindley & John C. Reilly.


Gregory Page is a performing songwriter, poet and entertainer and has a great love for the 1920's crooners, old gramophone records and crooked hats. In the Netherlands, his second home country, Page found fame through national TV programs such as Vrije Geluiden and Kunststof TV. To truly experience his music, it is a must to see his live performance.

An Evening With Gregory Page opens up a timeless universe where it is anything but strange to sing a duet with an imaginary singer or go from a heartbreaking ballad to an ode to the circus.

"The tightrope my music teeters upon is the struggle between tradition and progress, history and fantasy.

I am the songbird and the worm." ~ Gregory Page

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