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Tomas Page was born in Dublin. He was a playwright, filmmaker & Irish language teacher.

This movie is a historical drama about the Irish rebel, Michael Dwyer, a leader in the 1798 uprising. The story was inspired by a poem Tpm Page remembered from his school days in Ireland. It was directed & filmed on Super 8mm film in the early 70's by Tom Page and completed around 1973. All of the participants were devoted amateurs, members of the Irish community in Chicago & family members including the young Gregory Page who plays "Hawkins". The opening scenes were filmed on location in Ireland by one of the participants who had gone back for a visit. In it, you can see Michael Dwyer's actual cottage, portrayed later in the film. The movie expands on the events of the poem to show the historical and political circumstances surrounding the 1798 uprising. The project was intended to bring the Irish community together and promote interest in the heritage and history of Ireland.

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